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The fight against investment fraud never stops as each year con artists discover new ways to take your money. Unfortunately, such companies exist in the Oil and Gas industry and despite the justifiable attraction for consumers to become an Oil and Gas investor, it's become increasingly difficult to wade through the murky waters and finding the right company to invest with.

That's why we've built this website – to help, educate and assist you in cutting through the clutter often presented to investors by less than credible Oil and Gas companies. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and a safe and proven investment outlet to those who are qualified and interested in investing in Oil and Gas.

Through our due diligence, research and experience we've identified viable avenues for interested investors to pursue their wealth creation goals. Whether you are old or young, rich or poor, investing for a long time or just beginning – it is never too late to become a more educated investor. Do not simply focus on the potential returns; you should also consider the generous tax incentives that only the oil and gas industry offers. When all is said and done, you are ultimately responsible for your investment decisions. You work hard, and the future you are investing in is yours.

Investing in Oil and Gas

As a result of the up's and down's of the U.S. economy in recent years, many individuals are looking at diversifying their portfolios through nontraditional investments. An excellent alternative is in the oil and gas industry, specifically through oil drilling projects. No other investment enjoys the tax benefits, and few the potential returns of energy exploration.

The number of new oil wells drilled in America has quadrupled in the last four years alone. The reason is very obvious: oil is more precious today than ever before. Given the dependency on imported oil, energy exploration and production is patriotic as well as a sound investment. The demand for energy will continue to rise as China, India, and others become more developed. Energy is what drives the wheels of industry and the vehicles that travel those new roads.

If you are like the majority of investors, you may not be sure of how to invest in an oil and gas project. Just remember this; a good investor is a smart investor and must possess a certain amount of knowledge and discernment when investing in order to increase their chances for success.

We've created this website as a helpful guide in areas that you, as an investor, should know about the industry and the oil and gas company that you might be considering doing business with.

Oil & Gas – A Direct Investment

Investment Strategy:

Creating an investment strategy means developing a plan that maps out your choices and how they fit into your portfolio. While some mix of traditional asset classes is likely to yield satisfactory returns for the average investor, looking at non-traditional investments like Oil and Gas programs can put your money to work and help realize both income and tax benefits.

Direct Investments:

Features: Long-term investments in limited partnerships or corporations investing in businesses such as real estate, leasing, and energy exploration and development - such as Oil and Gas programs. By making a direct investment in one of these kinds of programs an investor becomes part owner of the hard assets of the enterprise.

Characteristics: Investors realize income from the business and in some cases, capital gains at the end of the investment term. Oil and Gas investments also provide tax benefits. Direct investments are largely untraded and no formal secondary market exists.

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